David Warmuz

David has been an industry leading domain name investor since 1997.

With the launch of Above.com in 2008, he made his personal domain portfolio management tools available for anyone to use at no charge. Since then, David has used his domaining expertise to continuously enhance the Above.com platform.

Over the years, Above.com has helped leading domain investors worldwide get maximum revenue for their traffic by finding the highest paying monetization channel for each domain visitor. Channel options include company-owned Trellian Direct Search Network, which provides an extra revenue boost by enabling premium advertisers to bid directly on domain traffic.

His latest enhancement involves the beta release of Above.com’s new Portfolio Manager dashboard. It offers domain investors the data needed to make smart portfolio management decisions and the tools needed to execute those decisions. All in a single dashboard that is fully integrated with Above.com’s Registrar, Monetization AutoPilot platform, and Marketplace. As always, David’s mission with the Above.com platform is to help domain investors maximize revenue, reduce costs and save valuable time.

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