Mark was busy with for a decade prior to its successful spinoff from an in-house monitoring system three years ago. A short Spanish URL stands for Domain Name Prices and was founded on the principles of bringing more transparency into the domaining industry. It is the largest database in the world of historic domain name sales with over 1,500,000+ [premium] online asset sales worth $6,000,000,000.00+ of deals. Domain name professionals and companies use it while researching the market. On top of various searches, the service offers a very powerful stats section helping people to learn the industry and the trends.

A satellite service, which was added about a year ago, daily tracks the registration, renewal and transfer prices for all TLDs/SLDs, making it easy to spot the best deals across the known registrars.

Other than that Mark is a successful investor into various gTLDs and ccTLDs for over 10 years and is famous for leasing out about 20% of the underwritten sales.

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