Ramon Rautenstrauch

Ramón Rautenstrauch has been in digital media and marketing since 1998, and now runs “Apasionados del Marketing” an online marking agency and “Divulga.Media” an online publisher that creates and distributes content through own and third-party owned webs and blogs.

Ramón is an Internet Strategist, SEO and Online Marketer specializing in making Internet Projects profitable.

Since his beginnings in the Internet Business he has been closely linked to the creation of online content about tourism, education, healthy eating, sustainable agriculture, super-foods and healthy living.

To distribute the content he began to register and develop domains. In order to market all these sites in 2001 he founded the agency “Apasionados del Marketing” which is passionate about effective SEO and profitable data-driven marketing strategies. At “Divulga.Media” they edit several online magazines, own several hundred sites, blogs and portals and manage hundreds of third party websites and have agreements with several thousand other pages. Today they are investing in the creation of websites with new TLDs that improve the well-being of the readers and make them happier.

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